Specialty gift items crafted using traditional knots and rope.Specialty gift items crafted using traditional knots and rope.

Sailor Craft Knots features the handcrafted knotting of Keith Hudson, a world traveler who moved from the oil rigs on Alaska’s Chukchi Sea to coastal Charleston SC, and continues to craft and perfect the ancient art of knot tying.

Crafted knotted rope items make wonderful gifts for all occasions and beautiful accessories for your boat, your home - and your pet, too.

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Monkey Fists of all sizes, lanyards, Star Knots, bell pulls, key fobs, dog leashes and dog toys are among the many hand-woven rope products displayed at the Knot Guy's booth at the Charleston Farmers Market every Saturday from April-December. He also splices double braid dock lines, core to core dyneema and does rope-to-chain splicing for the boat. 

Why knot browse the store, and enjoy…!

Why Knot!

The Bell Rope

The Bell Rope is one of the few "ropes" on a ship (others being referred to by specific names eg. sheets, hawsers, lines, stays).  Traditionally made ship's bell ropes are a pleasure to look at in their knotted glory and as contemporary decorative artifacts. They can be enjoyed by landlubbers too!

They make unusual accessories for the home- doorbell, dinner bell or even purely for display.  A hand knotted ship's bell pull will complement a nautical living space admirably.

This type of intricate knotwork is time consuming to make and may be purchased as a special order. Each bell pull is individually designed to suit.  For more information or to place an order, please contact me.